Coast Dives

Silver caves – Photo Dives
A cave with a 5 opening at 4 meters depth 10 meters log with small 4 holes opening on top. Suitable for divers all categories. After cave start the wall which is descending to depth 24 meters . It is very nice dive with lot of holes, fishes, spunches. Cave has wals with blue, orange, yelow, red, pourpure colours.

Vruja – Extra Dives
It is a flower of sharp stones where when is quite you can dive extremly long in a black hole watching red gorgonias, yelow,orange and purpur coral.There is a field of shells and wrack of bus accident.There are lot of small caves and walls.Suitable for divers of AOWD categorie

Yellow Cave – Photo Dive
Is descending from 0 to 4 meters .Cave has 10 meters long canal with fresh air opening on the top and 4 doors interesting for diving.Suitable for divers of all categories

Tri Kamena Brela – Photo Dive
Are stones on bottom which are descending from 0 to 15 meters depth. Near is wall from descending from 20 – 30 metres.All location is full with holes interesting to discover with lamp.

Cave Medic
Is descending from 15 to 24 meters .Cave has 7 meters long hole with wall with a lot of yellow coral and orange Gorgones and spunches interesting for diving.Suitable for divers of OWD category

It is reefs from 3 – 2o metres other 15 – 35 metres .What you will enjoy it is a yellow corals,Gorgones,shells zabice,skorpion fishes…

PUNTA MARINO – drasnicanin
It is laying from 3 – 27 metres one reef to west, Than 24 – 35 metres another reef.You can discover a holes with cat shark,skorpion..