Dives sites on island

Island Brač, east side. There are different walls starting from 20 to 40,50,m.

Morning dive at 9:00, island Brač / Vruja bay / island Hvar, return at 14:00
Recommended to take reservation 1-2 days before, check week planning when is your location.
Begin in More sub office, getting equipment. Then walk to boat and finnaly drive to location. Option with big boat.
Another one is 5-6 divers completely with equipment on, driving direct with fast zodiac to spot in 20 min drive.

Dive sites

– Kamena ploča

This walls are in 3 best location for me in this area . There is possible to dive around reef on top of walls till 12m nice for discovery and also nice rich corallwalls deep suitable for  Aowd divers. OWD divers are diving on half depth of walls, that mean taking a care for bouyency. Return is on 5 m at nice reef with reach sea life.


Wait 5.45 min of GNIZDO VIDEO WATCH IT!

Wall is my reserve option for next day, because its so beautiful with sea life. From 15 to 40 m are beautiful walls with lot of holes, coralls, fish who is living in holes. There are reef till 18 m for owd and discovery divers.

– Bila punta
wall from 20 to 40m.is beautiful wall yust smaller distance but always with capital fish.

– Plava strmina,Kavalina, Voščica wall from 20 to 40m.

Are 3 walls in my 3 best wall here. It’s amazyng long, you need 4 dives to complete see it. There are plenty of holes coralls fish, caves. It’s good for protection of Jugo wind

– Tičiji rat wall from 15 to 50 m. It’s next top wall of this area. It’s a little bit long drive there 1:15 h duration. So we are using selten this very far but beautiful location.