Dives in Makarska


Nugal West
is wall descending from 3 to 40 metres .Gorgones Y.corall, small canue wreck and holes you can discover.

Fugal south
Is reef till12 m depth beautiful with stone formations and rich life of fish ,spunches.There is roman cheramic for bilding roofs.

Kraljev Gaj
Is very close and one very,very nice reef .It is island on the sand by 17 m depth till 35 m.There are ussually octopuses and skorpion fishes of few kilogram big.You ncan find lot of spunches , coralls and small fishes.

is reef from 0 to 30 m with one ussually very good visibility.Stones and channels are very different than other reefs.There is a lot of peaces of roman and illiric cheramic.

Gardena South
are of underwater holes. Holes are in Bottom covered with shells and yelow coral. It is very interesting dive in good visability 20 meters with plenty of flora and fauna as colourful corals skorpion fish,morays,lobster…

it is a reef long 2 km with plenty of nature stairs with small holes.It descending from 3 to 25 meters.it is possible to see Octopus , skorpion , dusky…

Reef is laying on 15 metres to 24 m. depth.Good place for searching fishes in holes.It is lot of corals,spunches,small fishes..

Prag Sv.Petar
Reef is laying from 3 to 24 metres. You can see stones formation and holes with octopus ,Ugor,Skorpion.Location is quite when are big waves from wind jugo, and is very closed to diving school.

Kamen ispod Dalmacije
Reef is laying to 40 metres deepth. Stones are nice with yellow coral and red gorgone.You can see some holes with Ugor or another fish.Spot is small but good for short type of diving near diving school.

Garma II
Location is from 6 to37 m .Stones are very long about 200 metres,and it is very dificult everything to see in one dive .There is living yellow coral,gorgones,crabs grancikula,bogdan ,langusta.Fisher lines are talking that it is good spot for fishermen.

Veprika II
Spot is stoneslike stairs descending to 30 metres.It was the way to Makarska port and you can find allways somethings from boats,fishemans.Sometime there are lot of fishes in group . In Croatian called ovcica ,cipal,komarca…That is also rich spot with old cheramic peaces.

Uz Vruju
Stones and small wall are yellow from coralls.Red Gorgones are long about 1 meter .You can see fish lubin,Skorpion,octopus.Depth is from 15 -25 metres.

Reef is laying to 20 metres deepth.Stones are nice with yellow coral and red gorgone.You can see some holes fish.Spot is small but good for short easy type of diving.

Rasotika plicak
Depth is 15 metres. Place is very big with a lot of stones . Possible is to search shells and octopuses. Good place for beginers..

Zvirska Pad uvala
Very nice easy location to 20 metres depth , good for second diveto seach the holes with fish. Possible is to find old peacec of old Romans.

Bila Punta
South place of bila punta is easy place to 24 metres with very small walls stairs.Good to search squid fish sepia.