German war ship Njemacki desantni Brod, Brač
The time of second world war is stoped at 55 m depth. You can see german desant boat with arms, explosiv ,helms,shoes,jackets of soldiers. On the boat is 3 holes of calibar 80 mm destroyed to hole of 40 cm.Throw the hole you can see 2 strong big motors.Steel is in good condition. There are lobsters and hommers.

War ship peace by žuta kuća

Is nice very small wreck to make AOWD training on 18 m depth. Usually its on the beach and there is lot of tourists and bottles, bags…

Spitfire on the beach

Is our home beach, and we make PADI TRAINING there. That is on 5 m depth entry from beach.

On 20 m below the reef Wall is nice wooden fishing wreck long 15m.
Nice place, wild beach, nature, reef…

Koca Pipan Brela

Is laying at 20 m depth close to reef rakovica .It is fishing boat1o m big, nothing spectacular. After short visiting dive is going to the reef. It s interesting for photography.


Its a nice dive from beach, free yust in June or September, October. Max depth 12m,lot of small fish, nice viability, clear crystal sea, nice reef near.

Parobrod Dubrovnik Hvar
It is boat sunked 1917 in first world war frpm franch torpedo.In boat was sunked 18 children and womans without any arms.It historicall wreck 70 m long at 56 m depth.

B-24 Hvar:
It is american bombarder “liberator” who was flying to Italy but was shuted down by Hvar.The wreck is in one peace just a little broken. It lays at 42 m depth with lot fish.
Koca Beus HVAR
Is fishing boat by 25 m depth.Steel boat is 15 m big and 4m bright with cabin that is possible to go in the cabin. Its laying on island Hvar 3 hours far. So we re going selten.

Jedrenjak Mokosica Makarska
Wessel Mokosica is made 1894y.And suncked1992In croatian Serb War.The wooden wessel was doing job of transporting sand and stones and steel from Split To Ploce and Metkovic. It Is sunked because the owner didnt pay servis for rebuilding.That was ship in very good condition just in bad hands of post socialist companies.55 m depth.

Amore Hvar – Greek cargo:
ISLAND HVAR wreck is sunken greeck cargo in Roman time 4 ct before Christ.Plentiful Amphoras from depth 15 to 22 meters.There is more kindes of Amphoras and Roman ceramic.

Fisher boat Rasotica Brač
It is a wreck on 20 m depth. Fishing boat sank in 1970 in a bay. Boat burnet completely.Near are the nice stones with small wall with plenty of small fishes and spunches colours.Depth is 22 metres. Boat is 12 metres big. Reef is nice. Good for owd.


Wrack – Old Timer:
The wreck is car of 1950 and with breaking on slipy road falled in sea.Quality of Inox material is very interesting after 50 years laying in sea.Depth is only 3 metres.


Wrack Metkovic, coast dive

With car to theBeach!

is a wreck on 12 m depth .Metković wessel sank in 1964 driving from Dubrovnik to Split on big waves of wind Jugo.Near are the nice stones with small cave with plenty of life and coral colours. It s good for all categories of divers.

Bracera hir – bracera mare:
2 Wrecks are laying on 54 metres .Fisher divers hounting skorpion fishes , Eals .Boats are 20 metres long , wooden sunked ,in front of Makarska.Wreck is old traditional form of adriatic trabakuls ships from 18-19 ct.There you can find good skorpion fish.

Leut was sunked 2000 to be fishes home.It is laying in 37 metres on sand.Boat is 12 meters big. Just divers AOWD.