Diving from the shore


Dives from beach are organized by car transporting to the reef.

Equipment adjustment , briefing, entry are direct from beach. Swimming to reef is distance from 50 m.

Sometimes in dive planning, we must have drift diving,waves attack, bad visibility,winds bura or jugo.

Usually is often nice calm,with good visibility, diving.


Well-known garden, an attraction for experienced photographers, lovers of videography, an excellent area of ​​research underwater biologist, educational features for a course of underwater photography, snorkeling, but also an excellent replacement for the ship’s dive in case of bad weather.

Komeljača reef, wreck, wall. Nice place in nature,with lot of  holes and fish. Leut is boat used for the fishing. There are many big coral , colours, spunches….  


Reef and wall to 24 m and caves at 7 – 15 meters. Excellent for beginners.

* Wreck Metkovic

at 12 meters depth and cave and reef 22 meters.

* Yellow cave Drašnice

with 4 doors at 5 meters. Two different reef s at 20 and 35 m.

It provides the ability to achieve favorable dives for both experienced divers and for very beginners,and snorkeling.

OSEJAVA reef, is big 2km.  Planty the walls,rocks, holes, fishes, spunches colours.Depth is from 5 to  40 m.

Brela Wall of 20-33 m, which leads to a sand road full of different species of fish, crabs, clams, snails, octopus …